The pure essence of Italian styling...


Neco Scooters reflect the pure essence of Italian styling by providing trendy mopeds which feature cool colour combinations. Whether you choose a Vintage Abruzzi, Trendy Lola, or Sporty GPX you will end up with a very unique styled scooter. Neco scooters brings you back to the early sixties. Their scooter’s design is based on the great Italian style from those nostalgic days. It rides fantastic, it looks good and it will make you look even better.

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For all Neco¬†Scooter enquiries, please email [email protected] or phone a member of our sales team on +353 1 4566222.

Address: Bikeworld, No 1 Longmile Road, D12 DW4C, Ireland.
Phone: 01-4566222
email: [email protected]